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I love you
I love you for giving me your heart alone
And trusting me with your pride.
I love you for wanting me
And needing me by your side.
I love you for the emotions
I never knew I had.
I love you for making me smile
Whenever I feel sad.
I love you for your thoughts of me
Where I’m always on your mind.
I love you for finding that part of me
That I never thought I’d find.
I love you for the way you are
And for how you make me feel.
But most of all
I love you
‘cuz I know you’re mine for real.
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Mature content
Seraphina Falls Chapter 2 :iconkalisidian:kalisidian 1 0
Seraphina Falls
I sat crouched with my white feline tail swishing on the inside of the wall that surrounded Amerion, one of the last cities left in the western half of the world. For what the government tells us, the world is prospering. But they never tell the truth, so how are we to know if the rest of the world was even alive? I pulled my father's bow from underneath the rocks I hid it in and gathered my arrows from underneath it. I was going hunting so my family could eat. It was highly illegal to go near the wall but I went through it almost four times a week. I squeezed through the opening my father had mined before he was murdered. I thought about what he had told me for years now, not understanding what he meant.
"You know I love you, Sery?" He had told me, holding me in his black furry arms. I nodded and pawed at his black and red ears. He looked at me with affection and I saw a tear brim to his harvest moon colored eyes. He set me down and looked out the window in sadness.
"I'm going away fo
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Origin Of Nightmares
A long time ago, the people of the Valley by the Sea lived in harmony with the forest that bordered their land. During the day the Valley people hunted in the fields and fished in the sea. At night, the people drifted off to a dream world, full of peace, love, and pleasant memories. Never once did any of the people have a dream that was dark or frightening, that is, not until the actions of a man and his wife disrupted the village's peace by their disobedience. It is said that the people of the Valley by the Sea were to abide by one rule. That rule was that none are to enter the forest bordering the land. It was believed among the people that if any were to wander into the forest that they were doomed to die. It was also said that in the forest there lived a terrible evil. As a result of the man and his wife’s disobedience, nightmares were brought into the world and their people were cursed to have their dreams interrupted by the nightmares.
One day, a man named Oshar was hunting
:icontemariataje:TemariAtaje 2 4
COVER A by Zhangx COVER A :iconzhangx:Zhangx 414 14
You Have No Right To Live
You Have No Right To Live:
Hey, what are you doing?
That's mine, now give it back.
You're stupid, you should just go die!

Okay, I'm sorry...
What, you failed again?
Just how much money do you think we're spending on this,
Do you think it just falls from the sky?
I can't believe you; and don't give me that look!
You better straighten up now you hear me
And if you keep looking like a dead fish,
I'm going to make you wish you were one.

I'm sorry...
Hey, being around you is driving me nuts,
You never want to do anything, you don't even care,
Why bother even breathing if you're going to act like you're dead!

I'm sorry!
Ugly and-
A lousy person like you should just go die!

okay, fine! I will...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 26th November 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,090 501
Alone but Alive
Alone but Alive:
Oh here I am standing,
A lost soul is landing.
The coldest December,
Can you still remember?
Do you even hear me?
There's no one around me!
Oh shadow that I see,
The void right behind me.
Yet still I am breathing;
Yet still I am feeling.
The coldest sensation,
Oh worthless creation!
Are you still crying?
Oh why are you lying - abandoned and cold
Cold like what was left of soul,
Made of all the life you stole.
Walk divine but made of sin,
Worm of hatred squrim within.
Sin of lust and sin of pride,
Lash the tongue that last has lied.
Yours was silver with a promise,
Kiss of death and then you vomit.
Burning bile of ugly treason,
No one else can know the reason.
Left a soul behind to burn;
You are the reason I have turned...
On this cold and endless night...
When I'm finally pierced by the light...
And I awaken from this hell...

Alive and again oh do I dare?
To give this heart and to lay it bare.
When heaven cast its fate
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 442 65
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So does anyone actually believe or have their own theory about how the world is going to end? i'd love to hear it. lol. i love hearing people talk. some people are like Bring it! and others are like OMG dont evn say it! im more like bring it but iv heard a meteor and zombies and just a solar flare and disease. sooooo tell me pplz. how are we all gna die? and what hhave you done to prepare? Its my exs bday, the 21st. lol. i wonder how he feels. lmfao. happy bday. hahahahaha.
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